28 Feb 2011

Kollywood News

What is Vijay’s role in Manirathnam’s film?

What is Vijay’s role in Manirathnam’s film?       
          Vijay is donning an important role in the new film to be directed by Manirathnam. The new film is being adapted from the famous classical novel Ponniyin Selvan written by Kalki. Vijay is donning the role of Vandiya Devan Vallavarayan. This character was adored by all the people who read this novel.
Vikram, Vishal and Telugu actor Mahesh Babu are also donning important roles in this film. Now Manirathnam is busy in selecting suitable heroines for these heroes. Manirathnam while speakingabout this said,” This film will be a different success. I am taking lots of efforts for this film. I am also selecting other actors and actresses who would suit the roles in the story. All the characters in this film have significance.”


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