17 Feb 2011

Sikh Festivals 2011

Sikh Festival Calender 2011 features Sikh/Punjabi Holidays for the year 2011 with there Dates. Check out Dates for Punjabi Festivals in 2011.

Sikh Festivals in India - Sikhism is one of the important religions in India and there are many festivals celebrated by Sikh/Punjabi community. Most of the Sikh festivals are events to commensurate the birth and teachings of 10 gurus of Sikhs and their teachings. The birthdays of all Gurus especially the first and last Sikh Guru is celebrated on a grand level. The other festivals that hold significant importance in Sikh festival calendar are Baisakhi, Hola Mohalla and Diwali. Know more on famous Sikh holidays and festivals celebrated by Sikhs and Punjabis all over India and worldwide.

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Sikh Festival Calender 2011

Sikh Holiday Dates in 2011
January 201105WednesdayBirthday of Guru Gobind Singh
31MondayBirthday of Guru Har Rai (Nanakshahi calendar)
March 201120SundayHola Mohalla
April 201114ThursdayBaisakhi (Khalsa)
18MondayBirthday of Guru Angad Dev (Nanakshahi calendar)
18MondayBirthday of Guru Tegh Bahadur (Nanakshahi calendar)
May 201102MondayBirthday of Guru Arjan Dev (Nanakshahi calendar)
23MondayBirthday of Guru Amar Das (Nanakshahi calendar)
June 201116ThursdayMartyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev (Nanakshahi calendar)
July 201105TuesdayBirthday of Guru Hargobind (Nanakshahi calendar)
23SaturdayBirthday of Guru Har Krishen (Nanakshahi calendar)
October 201109SundayBirthday of Guru Ram Das (Nanakshahi calendar)
November 201110ThursdayGuru Nanak Jayanti
24ThursdayMartyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur (Nanakshahi calendar)

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