13 Apr 2011

Top 10 Reputable Companies

Top 10 Most Reputable Companies in the World 2011

 1: Google

Country: United States
Global reputation score: 78.62
Industry: Internet search
Headquarters: Mountain View, Calif.

 2: Sony

Country: Japan
Global reputation score: 78.47
Industry: Consumer electronics and entertainment
Headquarters: Tokyo..

 3: Walt Disney

Country: United States
Global reputation score: 77.97
Industry: Entertainment and media
Headquarters: Burbank, Calif.

4: BMW

Country: Germany
Global reputation score: 77.77
Industry: Automotive
Headquarters: Munich, Germany

6: Apple

Country: United States
Global reputation score: 76.29
Industry: Personal computing, media
Headquarters: Cupertino, Calif.

7: Nokia

Country: Finland
Global reputation score: 76.00
Industry: Wireless phones
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

8: Ikea

Country: Sweden
Global reputation score: 75.60
Industry: Household goods
Headquarters: Almhult, Sweden

9: Volkswagen

Country: Germany
Global reputation score: 75.55
Industry: Automotive
Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany

10: Intel

Country: United States
Global reputation score: 75.39
Industry: Semiconductors
Headquarters: Santa Clara, Calif.

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