20 May 2011

LG LED LCD TV - 47LE4600

Like every other recent LED televisions, this one boasts of two distinctive features: it saves electricity, and it's unbelievably thin. The latest in LG's series of Jazz televisions, the 47LE4600 looks good and also provides good features and connectivity options.

Design and Build Quality
The LG JAZZ has a fairly standard design with a slim form factor and a red strip under the bezel which is a common highlight in the JAZZ line up. However, while it may look slim from the side, it looks a bit bulky from the front due to the curved front bezel.

The build quality of this TV looks pretty solid but it still has some cheap plastic bits.  For instance the build quality of the supplied remote control is a notch below the ones from the competition. The remote has a very rubbery and low-quality-feel to it.

Connectivity and TV+ Options
This TV offers a plethora of connectivity options, including HDMI, Component, Co-axial, AV and USB. We were impressed by the fact LG decided to include four HDMI ports as opposed to the usual three found in most TVs.
USB connectivity gives users the extra option of playing videos, music and photos from a portable hard drive or a USB drive.
The television has a number of built-in picture modes too, which includes a cricket mode too instead of a sports mode. In practice, though, it is just standard sports mode and does not enhance the picture quality of the TV for specially viewing cricket in any way.

-Picture quality
The television was mixed bag in terms of picture quality. For instance, the blacks looked a bit dull in the movies that we tested on the television. The television also seemed to suffer from some light bleeding issues, which were evident when we played the Blu-ray of Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Knight.
The colours were inconsistent in HD gameplay too. We were able to bring out the best in the television only after constant tinkering with the settings.

-Sound quality
Modern day ultra-thin televisions leave very little room for speakers. The Jazz does not find a way to beat that, housing a small 10-watt speaker.
The TV produces decent quality high-end frequencies, which tend to become ear piercing at high volumes but remain balanced. The same can be said of the mid-range frequencies.
While testing movies, the omission of a dedicated bass driver was glaring, but otherwise the sound quality was good. While testing music we found that these speakers were best suited to classical and bluesy genres. Modern genres like house and electronica should be avoided as the speakers cannot handle the fast frequency sweeps, which happen especially in the low-end and the speakers showed a tendency to clip at even lower volume levels when such genres of music were played.

-USB playback quality
The built in USB playback functionality is rock solid, we faced no lags while playing audio and video and there was no quality loss. Unfortunately, the HDTV does not support the .mkv format, which is the defacto High Definition format. Minus that, the Jazz is well supported, as it is compatible with .avi, .wmv and xvid formats.
The LG Jazz 47" offers good picture quality backed with a plethora of features and decent audio playback abilities.
At Rs. 88,900 the television is a bit expensive for the level of picture quality and features offered.
Loads of features
Good USB playback
Thin Bezel
Decent audio playback
Average build quality
·         Performance:  3
·         Price: 2
·         Ease of Setup: 4 
·         Ergonomics:  4
·         Wow Factor: 3

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