15 Sep 2011

Olive Nexus Wireless Router

Olive Nexus Wireless Router

Olive Nexus Wireless Router Price

With the new Olive Nexus Wireless Router or Olive VR9 Nexus WiFi Router create your personal WiFi zone and share your Internet connection with your friends .A small wonder, the Olive Nexus V-R9 Wireless Gateway is a next-gen travel router that is meant for multi-users! Yes, now you can log in a group from anywhere and everywhere and get on with your act without bothering about connectivity. A power saving 1700m AH Li-ion battery and multiple connectivity options make it a tiny but very significant part of your entrepreneurial future

Olive Nexus Wireless Router features :
  • Portability– Like smart moves? Why leave your office behind? The sleek 802.11b/g EVDO/HSPA based Olive Nexus enables you to log in a group while on the go. In other words, now your office is so smart that your whole department can log on from a beach in the Bahamas or a ditch in Dover!
  • Power – Nexus’s unique 1700mAH Li-ion battery gives wings to your router and nixes the need for external power supply. And its miniscule electricity consumption coupled with a back up time of 1.5 hours mean the power is with you always!
  • Multiple Connectivity – Today, you are definitely not where you were yesterday and tomorrow you will be in a different place from where you are in today. That’s why the V-R9 Olive Wireless Travel Router comes with multiple connectivity options like –
  • EDGE/3G/1X/EV-DO USB modem
  • Data enabled cell phone
  • Ethernet (ADSL, Cable, WiMAX)
  • so that whenever you want to get connected – you can, from wherever you are!
  • Multi User – Anything that is fun under the sun from soccer to tango requires more than one participant! Why should it be any different while you are on the internet? The V-R9 Olive Wireless Travel Router sees to it that you and your colleagues or your beer buddies can log in all together even when you are on the go!
  • Pocket Size– Now that the ‘Black is beautiful’ phrase has gone out of fashion, the ‘Small is Beautiful’ has taken its place. Keeping up with the times, the mighty V-R9 Olive Wireless Travel is tiny enough to be a snug fit in your pocket!
Olive Nexus VR9 Wireless Router Specifications :
  • Dimensions 106x76x22.0mm
  • Battery 1700 mAh
  • Backup Time – 1.5hours
  • Standard 802.11b/g
  • Interfaces LAN – RJ45
  • WAN – USB
  • Wi-Fi access point in your pocket
  • Multiple connectivity options:
  • Multiple connectivity options:
  • EDGE/3G/1X/EV-DO USB modem
  • Data-enabled tethered cell phone
  • Ethernet (ADSL, Cable, WiMAX)
  • Flexible features:
  • Bandwidth add-up (LAN+WAN)
  • Automatic failover (LAN<->WAN)

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